Support Details.

There are many ways you can help promote the use of Solar Cookers, and you may like to consider one or all of them.

Building. I have designed the cookers out of materials that are readily available throughout the world, and hopefully I have given enough details on the web pages for anyone with a few tools and some time to be able to make them. Please build them locally and let me know how you get on. It is always great to get feedback on how your solar cookers are working and if you need any more information or advice, please ask.

Buying! Since creating the web page I have had a number of enquiries from people wishing to buy completed cookers, but as of yet I have not got any manufacturing capacity sorted, but I am looking into it.

Designing. I am working on a design similar to a satellite dish but made from vacuum-formed plastic, and coated with a reflective surface. This design should be able to be mass-produced, but the materials will be less 'readily available'. If you have experience in vacuum-forming and reflective coatings please contact me.

Please offer to translate my web page into any other language and I will be over the moon (and give you all the credit!).

I do not have charitable status, and as such it is difficult for me to accept money. It is quite a complicated thing to get charitable status. If you would like to help financially, then the best thing to do is to raise money for the Peru Children's Trust. See for more details.


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Last updated on 27th January 2000.