Precautions and Tips for use of solar stoves.

Do not look at the reflection of the sun at any time. It will damage your eyes. Once the stove is in alignment with the sun, and the pot is at the focal point, then there should be no light scatter. If there is ‘stray’ light then the stove may need adjustment such that all the reflected light hits the pot (this will improve your cooking as well). When finished, turn the cooker upside down so as not to dazzle anyone. Wear sunglasses whilst adjusting the cooing position.


When adjusting the angle of the grill use thick gloves as the grill can get very hot.

Cooking tips.

Black pots work a lot better than silver pots. The pot needs to absorb as much light as possible and silver tends to reflect the light. Dull or 'matt' finishes absorb more light than 'shiny' surfaces.

Pots with close fitting lids keep the heat in and help the cooking process. Placing the stove in a sheltered area stops the wind from cooling the outside of the pot.


Solar Cookers


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