Making good use of the Sun.

Solar Cookers in Peru

Solar Cookers: Models, Plans & Precautions.

  1. Case Study of Solar Stoves Made and Used in the Peruvian Andes For the Peru Children’s Trust.
  2. Prototype Solar Stoves For the Peru Children’s Trust.
  3. Precautions for use of Solar Stoves.
  4. Solar 1000 - The Big Version.
  5. Sunbrella - The simple portable solar cooker made from an umbrella 
  6. Fresnel Solar Cooker Design - C.U.S.O. 1980.
  7. Box cooker details (from
  8. Aluminium Supplier Details

Solar Cooker Organisations and other intersting sites.

  1. The Peru Children's Trust Home Page.
  2. Support Details.
  3. Useful Links.
  4. Engineers Without Borders - UK. Training Weekend March 2005, 06 & 07 - Course Notes
  5. Campaigning for Solar Cookers on International Woman's Day 2007
  6. Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST) Nepal - or click here to watch a very interesting video.
  7. Box Cooker built by Imperial University's EWB group.

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SunSpot Maidenhead, England, UK. Quinton Stowell -  

Solar Cookers Prototypes Peru Children's Trust Solar1000